"Panel loves you. Join Panel."

Panel is a group of comic book writers and artists based in Columbus, Ohio. I'm one of five charter members. We meet up every few weeks to critique each others' work. I get more out of the group than anyone -- believe me, I would not have the skills (or the motivation) to keep doing this without them.

A few years ago we began doing anthologies. Most have a theme.

Panel 1

My story: Aunt Pie, and an essay on Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

Panel 2: Architecture

My story: City of Bridges. Following a disastrous war with China and an economic collapse, one man decides his city's pride and joy is a millstone around its neck. With artist Steve Black.

Panel 3: Space

My story: Sophomores. After a drunken hookup, two college students see if they can make things work in the light of day. With artist Andy Bennett.

Panel 4: Home

I'm not in this one. Bummer.

Panel 5: Myth

My story: America. Following the disastrous war with China, one veteran tries to lead his country back to greatness.

Panel 6: Music

My story: Muted. A girl loses her hearing, but her friends give her the next best thing. With artist Dan Barlow.

Panel 7: Luck

My story: The System. Frank Taylor Walker chooses yogurt instead of pancakes, and his whole world falls apart. A look at consumer culture and the infrastructure of selling in the uncomfortably closefuture. With artist Tom Williams.

Panel 8: Travel

My story: Random Encounter. This really happened to me at a rest stop.

My other story: A Day in West Virginia. A young man, running from the ruins of his old life, finds a reason to start over. With artist Dan Barlow.

Panel 9: Panel 9 From Outer Space

My story: Monster Trucks And Baby Mammas. Post-traumatic automotive combat! Two-by-four love taps! Nicotine-addled child rearing! You should kill yourself if you miss ... Monster Trucks and Baby Mammas! With artist Craig Bogart.

Panel X: Sex

My story: Dual Cultivation. Starring Susan Downs! Lost after trading her eyes, Susan learns to accept help -- and to give it. With artist Steve Black.