Highway to Hell

"Better to sing lead in Hell than sing backup in Heaven!"

This is a series I really want to get going in 2008. Each adventure is 8-16 pages, and each includes fast cars, demons, and plenty of fun stuff to draw.

The series contains a lot of humor and rock parody, but plays with some philosophical points. What would you do if you knew -- had actually met -- someone who'd been to Hell?

The Cast

Dirk Del Rio Dirk Del Rio lived a life of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll -- until all three came together on a lonely stretch of Michigan highway. Resurrected by the love of one true fan, Dirk must save his soul -- before the Devil can drag him back to Hell!
Earl Unteid A local mechanic and Dirk Del Rio's No. 1 fan, keeper of Dirk's sacred GTO, wielder of the Magic Pistol of Elvis. His hero's death makes Earl rethink some of his own priorities.
The Devil The motherfucking prince of darkness. But he's got a bitchin' van.

The Stories

No. 1: The Beginning   Earl brings Dirk back to life, then our two heroes embark on a cross-country adventure to save Earl's marriage. On the way they're harassed by all manner of demons while passing all manner of wild Americana.
No. 2: Don't Cry, Daddy   The ghost of Elvis offers Dirk a free ticket to Rock n' Roll Heaven, but there's something Dirk has to set right before he can ascend. He has to put his daughter Vanessa back on the straight n' narrow -- and destroy all copies of her sex tape!
No. 3: Mysterious Stranger $1 Somewhere on a lonely road, Dirk and Earl are pursued by a mysterious stranger. But when they take refuge with a passing boy band, they may get more than they bargained for.
No. 4: Runnin' With the Devil   Earl must run for his life -- and his soul -- when the Devil shows up. Guest-starring the ghost of the left arm of Rick Allen, drummer with Def Leppard.
No. 5: Black Sabbath   Looking at a calendar, Dirk realizes his old cellmate in Hell is about to die that day. He rushes over to save the cellmate's soul, but it's hard to save a man who's that convinced he's already saved.

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