"My name is Susan Downs. I traded my eyes for a little bit of knowledge. I see with my mind."

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Dual Cultivation

Artist: Steve Black

A glimpse into Susan's past. Lost and angry after losing her eyes, Susan learns to help someone else -- and accept help in return.

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What You Want

Susan's a pretty perceptive woman, but there are some things even she doesn't see coming. Some days it just pays to stay in and meditate.

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Artist: Nathan Kroll

A couple in danger -- a girl in peril -- and an impossible challenge for Susan Downs! Susan must track a gang of kidnappers across the wilderness, but the clock's ticking for their victim!

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It’s a Free-Range Celestial Tie-Dyed Freak-Out, Turkey

Artist: Brent Bowman

After her turkey is full of sadness and torment, Susan (with help from a Chinese agriculture deity) must rescue a group of hippies from a band of marauding rednecks.


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The Girl Who Wasn't There

Artist: Matias T!

Susan finds a disturbing oddity -- a girl with half a soul. Digging deeper, she finds a dangerous web of rock n' roll, codependence and heavy juju.

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The Bridge

Susan finds a girl on a high bridge with a pocketful of rocks. It's a good time for a ghost story!

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The Evil Eye

Belinda Mason seems like the luckiest girl in the world, but things keep going wrong. Her old friend from college, Susan Downs, helps find an ancient curse.

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A Little Bit of Knowledge

A piece of Susan's origin! Susan goes back to the bar where she traded her eyes for a little bit of knowledge, in search of a lost preacher. Things don't look good for our heroine this time out.

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See Line Woman

Under the sway of a powerful hoodoo love spell, Susan travels to Mississippi to meet her true love. But this kind of love leads to a deadly confrontation with an old hoodoo lady -- the kind you can only solve with 21st century wisdom!

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