"Why was an ancient Chinese agriculture god helping me storm a poultry barn? That's a story for another time ... "

This is a representative sampling of the Susan Downs stories I have written and/or plotted. Want to draw one? Check out the Artists Wanted section.

Dual Cultivation

Artist: Steve Black

A glimpse into Susan's past. Lost and susan in the fogangry after losing her eyes, Susan learns to help someone else -- and accept help in return.

The Bridge

Artist: Tony Goins

Susan finds a woman about to throw herself from a bridge. It's a good opportunity for a ghost story!

Angel's Pin

Susan returns to Angel's Pin, the bar where she traded her eyes for a little bit of knowledge. She must convince a priest not to drink too deeply from the spring of knowledge -- before it's too late!


Susan tracks a series of vicious crimes with one common thread: A gourd is found at each crime scene. Susan finds each gourd holds the memor of a horrible crime -- driving her to the bring of insanity.

I Love LA

Susan drops in on her friend's niece, old to find she's been kidnapped by white slavers. With the help of her old master -- now a Toaist immortal -- she tracks the party to their getaway boat. Only by embracing failure can she succeed.

It's a Free-Range Ancient Chinese Tie-Dyed Freak Out, Turkey

Susan must rescue a hippie commune of free-range turkey farmers from a group of evil rednecks -- with a little help from an ancient Chinese agriculture god.

Codex Scrovegnii

It's a sunny day, but Susan can't resist reading her tea leaves. The leaves point to danger! A call from the Vatican sends her on the trail of the Codex Scrovegnii, an infamous 15th-century book of demonic spells. Despite help from a hot-rodder and a mystical lost-and-found department, Susan is running out of time to save the cult's virginal victim.