"My name is Susan Downs. I traded my eyes for a little bit of knowledge. I see with my mind."

Coming in 2008, Downs is an exciting new series from Long Nights. Combining the supernatural, action, comedy and a little philosophy, Downs susan in the fog is head and shoulders above the competition.

Susan Downs

It's about Susan Downs, a wandering adventurer, mystic and all-around curious person.

Susan's main characteristic is her curiosity, and that's led her to a lot of situations that aren't necessarily good for her. Case in point: She traded her eyes for a little bit of knowledge.

Susan's Eyes

Susan's eyes are gone, but no one really seems to notice. To compensate, she "sees" with her mind. She is aware of everything within a 20-foot radius around her body. She has "eyes in the back of her head," and she can "see through walls" -- but she can't see the horizon.

Susan knows things. She doesn't do magic per se, but she understands the world on a much deeper level than the rest of us.

Susan's Adventures

What does she encounter? Just about anything. Susan talks to ghosts, and she speaks the language of babies. She flirts with demigods and traps demons in vegetables. She never does quite what you expect.

Susan manages to reason her way through most problems. But if it comes down to a scrap -- she didn't spend six months sweeping up in a Shoalin monastery for nothing.